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Farmbill Wetlands Provisions - Things to Know

Swampbuster provisions began in the 1995 Farm Bill as a part of Conservation Compliance. If you want to be involved in USDA Program benefits - you must protect any wetlands on your farm. 
Here are a few things to remember 1) Always file a 1026 Form at the FSA office when bringing new land into production. Be honest and open about your intentions. Converting pasture, woodland, or wildlife land into cropland requires an evaluation by NRCS. Is it HEL land? Does it have hydric soils? 2) If the acreage coming into production has hydric soils - there is a good chance you have a wetland even if you do not think it is a wetland. This is a technical determination done by an NRCS soil scientist - ask him questions and a reconsideration on site if you disagree with the result. 3) Dont expect a timely determination - this could take a couple years depending on workload of the local soil scientist. 4) If you have a wetland area - there are mitigation options.You can create another wetland area in return for converting the one you want to farm at a 2.5 to 1 ratio. This process can take 2-3 years and you may need an outside consultant to take you through the process.

Things to Know - Farmbill Wetlands Provisions: Services
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