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Navigating USDA Conservation Programs

Thinking about signing up for EQIP or CRP? Or any of the other Farm Bill programs through the NRCS office or FSA? Let me give you a heads up on 1) How to  score well on your applications with conservation planning 2) Knowing the fine print of your contract 3) Understanding the obligations of signing your contract 4) Implementing the Conservation Plan and submitting the paperwork for payment. With over 30 years of experience in conservation planning and contract management, Swartz Land Consulting can take you through the the process and make sure you have a good outcome and experience.  Information on Farm Bill Conservation Programs can be found on the Ohio NRCS website along with the financial assistance available. A Farm Plan is the foundation to all of these programs, including a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP). I can help develop these plans with all the necessary components - with manure applications or without. (See the Nutrient Management button above.)

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Navigating the Farmbill Wetlands Provisions

Have you filed an AD 1026 with the FSA office? Has NRCS determined a wetland on your farm? Let me help you navigate through the process by helping to 1) understand the wetland provisions and your options for farming these areas 2) be aware of your obligations with a designated wetland on the farm and 3) help with mitigating these wetland areas and filing the proper paperwork. 

Wetland mitigation details are spelled out on the Ohio NRCS website as well as basic conservation compliance guidelines.

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Maintaining Soil Integrity with Pipeline Construction

Do you have a pipeline going through your farm? Do you understand the details of the Agricultural Impact Mitigation Plan the pipeline has presented you? Are you working with an attorney to navigate your easement negotiations? Let me work along side this process to make sure all the loopholes are closed and your cropland, pasture, and woodland soils are protected and restored to productivity.

Already have a pipeline constructed? I can help with soils, grading, subsidence, and drainage issues if you are not satisfied with the restoration process. Know your rights as a landowner and make sure your soils are protected from compaction through the construction process.


 Farm Pond Evaluation/Assessment

Having problems managing your farm pond? Too many weeds or algae blooms? I can give you an assessment with specific recommendations on how to deal with these issues as well as dam and spillway safety. Are you looking to build a new pond? Let me evaluate your site for soils, watershed, and overall fit into the landscape. Looking for more information? I recommend Pub432 from ODNR and another handbook from the DOW - both have great pond management information.

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Combine Harvester on Field

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About Swartz Land Consulting

My name is Wendell Swartzentruber - Swartz Land Consulting was founded in 2016 after retiring from USDA NRCS with 30+ years experience. I am a one man consulting firm with a single mission: to assist farmers and landowners in their conservation and stewardship efforts. This includes information on USDA Conservation Programs, Crop Consulting, Nutrient Management, Soils Evaluations, and much more.

I am a problem solver. I provide solutions for crop production and land management issues.

I love "the land".  It keeps giving and giving - as it has for centuries - food and fiber. It is the foundation for all of life and we rely on it every day. 

Although there are a number of services offered on this website, I have experience in assisting in many other areas as well. If you think I can help you - do not hesitate to call. 

Remember - He makes the grass grow.....

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